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This website showcases the on-going music, radio, Tv and video projects by

British trance, dance & *parapara producer,

Dave Ross (Deadairdave/Daveros).

*Japanese trance/dance music, set to specialist choreography.


Coming 1st October: ©Daveros - Stay.

Out Now: ©Daveros - Sunrise.

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The most played track of 2016/17:

Out Now: ©Daveros - I Want To Dance (EDM Mix).

(More info on this track can be read here).

©Daveros - I Want To Dance (EDM Mix)

Released: Out Now! Label: A1R Records. Genre: Dance/EDM. Buy/Stream: Apple  Groove  Spotify  Deezer

Released: Out Now! Label: A1R Records. Genre: Trance/EDM.

Buy/Stream: Apple  Groove  Spotify  Deezer

©Daveros - Sunrise