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This website showcases the on-going music, radio, Tv and video projects by

British trance, dance & *parapara producer,

Dave Ross (Deadairdave/Daveros).

*Japanese trance/dance music, set to specialist choreography.


Out Now: ©Daveros - Tropical Trance.

Available on all major streaming services/Music stores.


After much talk amongst the DJ Community on Facebook, I will be going ‘Live’ with regular DJ sets featuring Hard Dance, Hard House and EDM from 1st May.  Direct links and more information will be posted soon, for people to tune in.

In the meantime, all sets can be found at: Mixcloud.com/Fazakstudios


Out Now: ©Daveros - I Want To Dance (EDM Mix).

(More info on this track can be read here).

Released: Out Now! Label: A1R Records. Genre: Trance/EDM.

Buy/Stream: Apple  Groove  Spotify  Deezer

©Daveros - Tropical Trance

©Daveros - I Want To Dance (EDM Mix)

Released: Out Now! Label: A1R Records. Genre: Dance/EDM. Buy/Stream: Apple  Groove  Spotify  Deezer