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Over the years Dave has learnt to play various types of musical instrument starting with a recorder aged 5, progressing on to a synthesisers in his early teens; and then an organ, where he played regularly at a church in West Germany.

Now, using the latest computer music software, Dave produces an array of music spanning many genres.

Dave not only makes music for his pleasure.  He has had it included in a number of projects that he has been involved in at Keylink Studios, Merseyside.  His music has appeared on CD:K, a monthly audio magazine for school pupils aged 11 to 19 years old, produced between 2000 and 2003.  The CD:K project at the time, was funded by the Children's Local Network and Neighbourhood Renewal Community Chest.

2003 - 2006.

In 2003, Dave worked with an aspiring young film producer whom created a short sci-fi drama and required backing music to accompany the drama. Dave produced a number of chilling and heart stopping songs, used within the production. The drama ‘Demon Squirrels’ was then later commissioned and screened by Channel 4 (UK TV Company).

Other work has included writing backing music for productions that have been broadcast on the ‘Tonight’ Programme of KCR 106.7 fm.  Also, Dave has had the chance to broadcast his music on In-Shops Radio based in Kirby, Liverpool, Merseyside and on road shows with Keylink Studios engineering ‘Live’ outside broadcasts for Barclay’s Bank, Liverpool and Knowsley City Councils, Kelly’s Dance School and Asda.

As a member of Keylink Studios Radio Production Team, Dave has also engineered and in some cases written and produced programmes, of which have included commercials, radio plays/sketches, reading the news; and researching/carrying out interviews.  He has also taught Primary, Secondary and socially excluded school pupils, as well as disadvantaged children in Radio Production Research and Broadcasting, many of whom have gone on to work within the Broadcast Industry.  Dave has also been involved in the production of Knowsley’s ‘Village Times’, an audio magazine for the blind and partially sighted, by writing, narrating and engineering articles.


In early 2007, ‘Deadair Productions’ (dp) was launched, producing music videos initially to accompany Dave’s music.

dp then branched out to the general public producing promotional material; and other video projects.  Widening the Fazakstudios.co.uk website (At the time, Dave’s main Music, TV and Radio projects website), a forum was added for guests, regular visitors; and clients to view additional info and material not featured on the Fazakstudios website.

In late 2007, Dave joined the Para-Para Network, producing music for the Japanese music scene.


2008 brought new challenges with re-mixes and productions for the Para-Para Network.

Working with producer Carl Noblet of Source One, Dave’s song ‘Pulsar’ was given a 2008 touch of magic and remixed into a stomping track.  The success of this remix and collaboration attracted the interest of UK Record Label ‘44Records’ whom released the track in late August.


Dave didn’t stop there; and went on to produce ‘Digg This!’ featuring 3 variations ‘Trapara, Dance Mix and Air Mix’. Again, 44Records took interest in this track and have once more released it on their label in February 2009, using the new artist name ‘Daveros’.  This change in artist name didn’t come by choice, but has been accepted; and as such new branding has been added to the Fazakstudios website, Logos and merchandise stores.

July 2009 saw the release of ‘Daveros - Energize’ featuring 3 tracks: Radio edit, original mix and hyper mix.  Released by Fazakstudios.co.uk on the ‘Deadair Productions’ Label.

September 2009 opened a new chapter for Fazakstudios.co.uk the original website set-up in 2000 to showcase Dave’s projects.  First of all it saw the release of ‘Daveros - Rock to the Rhythm’.  Featuring 4 tracks (Radio edit, Original mix, Vocal mix and Hyper Mix), released under the Fazakstudios label (Deadair Productions).  Next, came the announcement to alter the entire Fazakstudios website!  Instead of focusing solely on Dave’s music/projects, it was decided that the website and forums be made into a community music website for signed and unsigned artists/bands, re-mixers, producers, solo vocalists, rap artists, dancers, etc.  For this reason, Deadairdave.co.uk was born!

As Dave already has a website dedicated to his music projects, it was thought that it be best to keep Fazakstudios as the main community site and provide a link between the two sites.  For those that wish to visit the Fazakstudios website offering information for amateur and professional artists’ in funding, distribution, royalties, music organisations and industry contacts, you may do so by clicking the following link, (The website shall open in a new tab/window): Fazakstudios.co.uk


After a long break over the Holiday Season, February saw the next release 'Daveros - Stratosphere.' Initially released with two versions - 'Dance Mix' and 'Urban Remix' - these tracks fit under the Euro-Trance genre.

April saw the next release with 'Daveros - What do you...?? (Vocal Mix)’ another Euro-Dance track.

In May, re-mixers' Source One and Xtatica requested if they could remix 'Stratosphere.'  Source One’s track went on to be released in July 2010.


After a long break from music production to pursue other interests, Dave has begun production of tracks from the RnB genre.  Dave 1st produced RnB back in early 2000.   Working towards an album; and other producers, info regarding these tracks shall be made nearer the time.

July, Dave’s latest track 'Daveros - You're Not Alone' featuring two versions, one by Dave, the other by re-mixer, ‘Source One.’ Dave’s version falls under the Scouse-house genre, whilst SO's Remix is a Hard Trance release.  In addition to this, is another track ‘Daveros - Bring That Beat Back!’ Originally written in 2004, this track has been given a major 2011 update; and is expected to tear up the dance floor!


September, Dave launches a selection of old and new tracks on Soundcloud.com integrating them within the ‘Releases’ section of both Fazakstudios.co.uk and Deadairdave.co.uk.  As a final release of 2012, ‘Daveros - NYE’ a trance/dance anthem is released for December.


........5 months into the New Year and Dave releases 'X-Dance' a fast paced dance/trance track, followed shortly after by 'Neutronium' a powerful trance track with plenty of his usual synth and piano sequences.

Then with love on his mind, Dave switched from his usual trance/dance genre to something more down-tempo. Featuring the lush Vocals of singer/songwriter Danny Claire, known from hit tracks like 'Test Drive' with Michael Angelo and 'Remember' with Ion Blue, Dave produced 'Somewhere,' 'Set You Free;' and 'Today.'  

Sticking with the down-tempo genre, Dave then went on to produce 'Dreams' featuring Adam Somers.  Adam has many years experience and great success in the vocal scene and has featured on many tracks, including writing and performing a large number of his own tracks.

New material has been written for release on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, 7Digital, Spotify, Sony Qriocity, iHeart Radio (Streams on mobiles and games consoles - PS3/4, Xbox 360/One and Xbox Live), AT&T, Nokia, Beatport, Juno, Wimp and 24/7 Entertainment.

The first track to hit the download stores was 'Daveros - XdC' a hard trance song, all instrumental and featuring two unique versions.  As part of this Global release via distribution company 'Dittomusic.com' Dave has setup a new record label called 'A1R Records.'  'Deadair Productions' will now solely be used for video and radio projects, both past and present.

At the beginning of August, whilst listening to sets from Ibiza streamed via video music website Be-At.TV Dave came to enjoy the genre known as ‘Dirty Electro’.  With ideas of his own; and a lot of experimenting using his favourite DAW FL Studio, he came up with several new tracks; and continues for the month of August to produce many more!!  All these tracks are available to stream via Soundcloud; and on rotation via the main Fazakstudios and Deadairdave websites.


April brought a massive number of new EDM and Electro House tracks, from the downright bizarre of what happens when you mix a load of different sounds together, to the full-on Ibiza style EDM releases.  The ‘Daveros’ tracks to hear and stream on Soundcloud for 2014 were: ‘Timeless Energy’, ‘Night Life’, ‘Electronic Abyss’, ‘Party Like A Raver!’, ‘Falling’, ‘Angel’, ‘On My Way (Feat. Danny Claire)’, ‘Paradise’, ‘Nightlights’; and ‘Bounce’.


First track of the year was a remix of an old tune ‘Daveros - Energize (A1R Remix)’.  Dave has written many tracks over the years, many he has never released; and sit in a dusty cupboard on several CDR’s.  For this reason, this year will see Dave remixing those tracks into modern day Trance, Dance and EDM songs.  Like many other artists, the best bits of a track stand out, but get shelved, but the ideas for the rest of the song don’t get completed, so that is the goal between now and August.  To tinker with the old; and bring them to life!!  In addition to ‘Energize’, another remix of ‘Feel The Beat (A1R Mix)’ was release in January.  A full on foot stomper of a track.

March saw the release of ‘Space Pulse’, ‘Return To Ibiza’; and ‘Sliced & Diced’.  These three new tracks, built from scratch, took Dave from the Electro path; and swung him right into the EDM genre!

April, has been a very busy month!!  ‘Gridlock’ came 1st; and rose from playing around with a synth that made the sound similar to a car horn.  The sound was eventually changed, to a cleaner synth, but the concept was kept and a great EDM/Dance song was produced.  Next came EDM/Ibiza-styled ‘Movin’ Groovin’, available to buy or stream via the following services:

iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, 7Digital, Deezer, eMusic, GooglePlay, Rdio, Medianet, Rhaspody, Symfy, Slacker, Shazam; and JB Hi-Fi (An Australian Streaming/Radio service).

Dave continued with his productions and uploaded dance number ‘Hydrus’ to Soundcloud as his next track.  Following straight on came a Hardcore track, one that had been started over a year ago - ‘Nocturnal Wonderland’.  No sooner than Dave finished the track and shared it with fellow musicians to hear on Facebook, did the request from an old friend and fellow producer Gert James from South Africa come in to remix the track.  Under his artist name of ‘Pagoda’, Gert set to work on re-mixing the original and showing that he still is high in his game at producing outstanding music!!  Although less than a day after releasing his version ‘Daveros - Nocturnal Wonderland (Pagoda's Creeps Come Out Remix)’ did the response that he was working on a new remix, one with vocals!!  Safe to say it has definitely knocked the original version right out of the water, across land; and into the unknown, as by far this new remix by Gert is the Holy Grail of re-mixes!  This new version ‘Daveros - Nocturnal Wonderland (Pagoda's Light of the Night Remix)’ will put anyone that has ever had the joys to attend an EDM/EDC/Q-Dance event, right there, right when the voice-over artist starts to talk at the beginning of the track and put you in the mood to get off the grass and party hard!  This is what Gert has managed to achieved and I thank him greatly for it!!  All three tracks are available to stream via the 'Releases' section, or via my Soundcloud page.

So, what’s next??  Well, the plan was to produce an album to be released around June/July 2015.  That meant holding on to several tracks and then the bigger thought, “What about the remixes, what does one do with all of those?”  So, that idea has been scrapped and now I’m on a mission, to release one track every week from the beginning of June right through till the end of August!  A mammoth task you might think, but I write music non-stop, several of which I put aside and think, “I’ll return to these later.”  5 years later in some cases!!  As anyone who has come to know my style, I like anything with synths, pads, guitars and pianos.  I like to merge all 4 into pretty much every track, be it a classical track, hardstyle, dance, trance or EDM, so as I pick up old projects and rip them apart with new ideas, these then become the weekly releases.  

Not all shall be going on sale though, I still like to release many free tracks via Soundcloud (along with previews of release tracks); and other music streaming services.  But, every now and then, I like to share my music on every Global media service available; and the only way to do that is to distribute it via online stores.  I’m more than happy to have remix artists’ show me their talents at re-mixing my tracks.  If anyone wishes to do so, drop a request either on Facebook, Twitter or via the ‘Contact’ section of this website.


Like every year, I take a short break from the Christmas holidays until April, then start releasing music again.  For those that visit my Soundcloud page, I have my 1st new track of the year “Daveros - Burst On Fire.” This can be streamed via the ‘Releases’ section.

Out now, all tracks below are available to stream/download from all digital services, with previews available in the ‘Releases’ Section:

“Daveros - Just Be Mine.”  “Daveros - Without Your Love.”  “Daveros - City Lights.” And “Daveros - New Day/New Day (Air Remix).” ‘New Day’ is dedicated to a good friend, work colleague and follower of my music, Adam Birkett.

The next release was “Daveros - I Want To Dance/I Want To Dance (EDM Mix).”  It’s not often that I write/produce tracks about people I know, but this is the 2nd track (“Just Be Mine” being the 1st) dedicated to someone that shall have a special place in my heart, always.  Unlike with Adam’s initials appearing in the ‘O’ of my artist name, I’m keeping this person’s name a secret, albeit she is identified by the altered colours of the ‘real’ emerald in my name.

In addition to my music, I have returned back to what I started out doing in 1998/99 - 2007, DJing.  Albeit, this is not live in clubs/events (for now), but via the use of Mixcloud (The Mixcloud link redirects to the Projects>DJ Section.  Sound cloud and Facebook links go to my specific pages), Soundcloud and Facebook Live, I'm back to mixing music with the help of Pioneer's most up-to-date hardware.  In time, I'll add some videos to my YouTube channel.  Speaking of which, many of my new music tracks (including released tracks) are available to stream via YouTube.  No need to search, Click the image below for the direct link (and feel free to subscribe), or visit the Projects>Video Section where all of the videos are available to watch.


Keeping with music production, my next release was “Daveros - Come Fly With Me.”  A full on driving piano, synth track very much like my older tracks from the early 2000’s.  

Next came “Daveros - Tropical Trance.”  Released on all streaming services, this is a nice little trance number of energetic synths, with a hint of tropical essence thrown in.

June saw the return of a hard trance track - “Daveros - Basswave.” Available purely for streaming on Soundcloud and in the releases section of this website.

July, I found an old favourite of mine in one of the many folders on an external hard drive and decided to begin working on it again until finished.  One more for streaming on Soundcloud and this website only, please search for and listen to “Daveros - Bring That Beat Back! (Dance Mix).”  It’s a track that is packed with vocals mashed to perfection and will guarantee to get you up out of your chair as you begin to listen to it!

September saw the release of “Daveros - Sunrise,” once again released on all streaming services, this track is a mellow trance track, were at times it will feel a little upbeat.

Wit a little break, November was my next release with 2 versions being vocal and instrumental.  This track is called “Daveros - Stay.”  Admittedly, there’s a few added seconds of silence added to the end of the instrumental version, not intentionally on my part I might add, something that went wrong in the upload process between me and my distributor.  Who knows what happened, annoying to say the least, as taking the one track down means pulling it from well over 300+ stores!  For that reason, I kind of left it as the one track with the ‘glitch’ and hopefully, never to be repeated!  

Swiftly moving on, I released “Daveros - Transcendental.”  Yep, it’s a mouthful, I totally agree!  If you’ve written/produced as many tracks as me over the past 18 years, you’ll come to understand when it comes to naming tracks, you begin to run out of things to call them, lol!  It’s almost as hard as producing the artwork, something I do for every single track released, including the album covers for my DJ mixes on Soundcloud and Mixcloud.  Occassionally, I’ll buy the images, get a license in some instances to reuse them in my artwork, other times, I’ll fire up my software, a really old programme I got years ago with a tiny usb camera (iCool Cam I think it was called?!).  The software I still use for everything, a bit like photoshop

Moving on, the end of the year usually has me sit back and take a break, but not this year!  Somehow, I seem to be breaking traditions, mostly because with the introduction of Live streaming my DJ sets, I’m finding it harder to fit in everything, but in a way I love both production and mixing, so it’s a balancing act!

The final track of 2017 - “Daveros - Hands In The Air,” is a full on Melbourne track, designed to get you up once more, like so many of my tracks.  At some point in 2018, I’ll write a remix, but for the final day of 2018 (31st December was the actual release date!), this track concluded my releases for 2017!


Into the New Year, and usually I’m having a break until April, when I start releasing again, but not this year!  2018 for me, is a new year, taking me on a completely different path to that of every other year since 2000, when I started producing!  For me, I’m not just concentrating on productions or mixing (Djing), I’m also concentrating on getting out and joining the many thousands of festival goers around the Globe that attend festival after festival; and have the time of their lives!  That is me now!  I may not be playing/performing at any of these venues, I may strike it lucky and do so in some unofficial means, ie rocking up with speakers, an iPad, a few battery chargers; and going from there, lol, but in doing this, fulfilling a lifelong ambition to meet new people that enjoy the very things that I do - music - it’s time to take that walk into the unknown and join the adventure that everyone else does!

For 2018, this is my only new track to date, released in February - “Daveros - I Wanna Sing Everything.”  Yep, some of you may have heard a couple of other versions of this from years gone by!  I found this particular version gathering dust on the very same external hard drive as ‘Bring That Beat Back! (Dance Mix)’ and decided to send it to the distributor.  Like all the tracks before this one, they can be streamed in the Releases section of this website.  Anything that’s on other services such as Apple, Tidal, Deezer, Spotify etc, will fade out in the media player, every other track will be fully streamable; and in some cases, downloadable direct from my Soundcloud page, so be sure to check out the links for any tracks you may want.

Sure, there will be other tracks this year, I’m not hanging up my headphones!!  I just thought it be right to explain why there may be longer gaps in the amount of music I release.  Rest assured, I’ll update my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, along with the front of this website with news, release dates, live streams, recorded mixes and any events, whether I’m playing at or just attending - I want to meet you guys (…and ladies), my followers, my friends!

One thing is for certain, if any of you are attending the (UK) Creamfields event in Daresbury, during the August Bank Holiday weekend, I’ll be there for the 4 days, camped in Silver, with a group of great people I’ve already met and attended a couple of festivals with already.  Keep and eye out for #RaiseIT flags; and hopefully, I’ll be streaming from within the campsite and performing a few DJ sets to keep the ‘after party’ going!

Thanks for your continued support.


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